Monday, July 23, 2018

Blue Jays

Had a great time at the Blue Jays game this past Saturday with my brother and his wife. Usually I sees them, my other siblings and  my parents during Holiday long weekend in Ottawa, where I would  leave early from work so I don't get caught in Toronto horrendous traffic jam while driving home to Ottawa.
It was an exciting game my brother got great seats. I don't live in Toronto anymore, but in Hamilton. So, it has been a while since I seen a live game. I forgot how much I missed it. I remember my best memories was seeing a Jays game in the fall during an evening game. Seating up in the 500 section. Having, sometime a section to myself.  The evening sky is brilliant red, orange and a touch of blue. The cool fall breeze air slightly washes over me while I listened to the game on my walkman and watching the game below at the same time. At that moment, the stress of work and other crazy stuffs in my life just disappear. To me, the 500 section is my man cave. 

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